Saturday, February 07, 2009

Everybody in the studio plez stand up…CANDY In Da’ House!

Yes..we kicked start our year of the Ox with an interesting production of Candy’s AF5 album…and it is a KDM album and most probably the 1st KDM album to be promoted with the help of Astro….ui siuk ini tau.

Earlier we have a very long discussion about promoting Sabah own music scene in any Astro’s local entertainment channel with the help of Sabah’s AF artists…for a start.
Actually the same ideas has long been proposed to Maestro talent by producers based in KL...but the ideas have to be put in shelves (kena K.I.V la baini kunun) due to Maestro own busy marketing plan.

Sabah has a unique entertainment market with its own moulds of music genre, and what interesting the most are…Sabahan loves and supports their music culture. It is a business opportunity for those who can see it!..errr actually a few people (not Sabahan) have been and still rock and rolling very gooood in Sabah’s local music business for almost 25 years...

We are trying to make Candy’s KDM album as a pioneer KDM album for Astro to look into venturing ‘something’ in Sabah, the much needed ‘tools’ for our music market since Jurassic years. It’s a mammoth tasks for us but somebody have to clear-up the jungle so that all of us in Sabah especially those in the industry can excel further. Whether it is a successful journey or another ‘small Sabahan’s music lover’ flops dream…we are crossing our fingers…bukan finger’s licking good…to be honest I’m also kadang2 begagar! Risau..bukan takut. Hehehe.

For the production team..thanks for your supports and ideas, Mr. Melvyn of Maestro Records thanks for the much needed support for us, especially full filling Candy’s dream to cut a KDM album (cum her 1st full album).
To 'E'...somebody who prefered to remain ANYNOMOUS..(untill further notice ka?? hehehe)...thanks for giving us this opportunity.

Candy’s album expected to hit the market throughout Sabah and Lembah Klang, well, somewhere in May 2009…macam ini 'bulan'kan sudah jadi ‘trend’ artis Sabah release album hehehe. 10 songs (or maybe ada extra..kira bonus track la baini) in her debut album where 2 songs will be in Bahasa Malaysia..supaya Candy ada lagu sendiri time buat show.

According to Maestro Record, Candy’s malay singles or EP already in their lists for this year's plan or may be her full album!….err Mr. Melvyn…siurang bulih ampit kai ni tuan???

AdingEMP 7/2/2009


butod said...

perhh! hibat ni Tuan .. lagi hebat kalau lagu-lagu artis lain KDM bulih tambus sana semenanjung.Tahniah Candy, Tahniah EMP .. Bulih tahan kamurang ni.salute!

Datuk Seri dBOS (ASN, ASB, ASW, KWSP) said...

"According to Maestro Record, Candy’s malay singles or EP already in their lists for this year's plan or may be her full album.."

Selalu ja durang cakap mcm ni kasi sedap hati org ja..sampai ada yg terlantar di..?? (palis-palis)

AdingEMP said...

dB...biasa lai tu.

tapi kalau ada 'Antara Kau & Aku' mcm bulih kana calun sbagai track dlm album Candy...buli kaitu? hehe

dBOS-fm said...

Aikk...berapa lagu juga dlm album ni...bukan sudah cukup korum? Lagu tu simpanan untuk album kumpulan "The Pilax Brothers"...