Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"I'm gettin old but...music keep me young" - part 2

Why Indonesian Music Industry suddenly booming?......! aik!?...macam contras jak bunyi dengan tajuk diatas!

Well, its all about TIMING....

And now the Indonesian are marginalizing their youth music talent...but off course 'music and arts' are parts of Indonesian strong culture and part of their education subject. (bukan macam kita di Malaisia..terbatas kok!). They are exploring their new talents..

During the late 80's 90's our Malaysian music industry considered to be at its peak compared to our neigbouring countries. It was a 'Rockers Band' era..Search, Wings, Iklim, Black Rose, Gersang, Ella and the boys and so so...

Sales was termendeous...100k, 300k, 400k...phew!...Then 10 years later everything 'went' all wrong..what happened?...'the media' and the so call 'people in the industry' keep blaming on the emerging of CD. CD's is walloping the cassettes market?!...and CD's cost more (pricer) than casssette...kunun2 la.

Believe it or not...for the past 30 over years (and still), Malaysia's music mainstream industry are 'running' by the same people who also happen to be the producer, the composer, the marketeers..and almost all tasks done by the 'same people for all people'....in this case I call it the "same ideas" from the same person been implemented to all his/her productions for sooooo long....there are 'good and bad' thing about this.

The good thing is, the person's EXPERIENCES...no doubt about it...contibutes to the album success.

The bad thing pula...IDEAS are not expanding and explored....because the production were controlled by 'one head'...and its turn out bad if new ideas are reluctant to be accepted due to the market acceptence uncertainty itself.

Then, came the new era of computer recording technology.....and the technology is getting better everyday!...introducing costs reducing method of recording to those 'home studio' producing world.

These new recording experiences gives people like me and you the FREEDOM to share 'what you got'..to the world. without going through the mainstream label...WE manage to come out with our own new kind of music, we controll and we manage our own new ideas....where we called now as INDIE....Indipendent Label.

Goodluck friends....lets make it happen...sebelum kita semua jadi tua hahahaha...


Hilmy said...

Bro EMP...I agree with your opinion. Young talent need to be given a chance to promote their new ideas and composition.

butod said...

ndak sangka ultraman pun rock juga ya