Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"I'm getting old...but music keep me young!"- part 1

There'll be a few parts regarding this article.

I would be saying the same way if i were asked the same question...actually that is what i think and maybe much of those music lover people.

I saw Bono from U2 interviewed last night and how they've been through for more than 30 over years now..."we loved and enjoyed music..it is a therapy that keep me feel young and healthy".
To me..what Bono claimed is true...everytime i'm listening to music...i'm self-healed!! hehehe.
some of my friends might find that i'm 'wired' interms of my music preferences.."music apa bah yang kau dingar ni?..."...from hardknock rock Metallica..suddenly jumped into the jazz classical of Louis Armstrong or to 70's rock of Jimi Hendrix...then move again into the groove of RnB or HipHop kind of genre...and bang! again into the serenade of evergreen sound of Keroncong or dangdut...yeeeha! layan sama dia pak!
try it ....and you'll be 'forever young'...

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